Remote design sprints

Your team members are distributed.
Stop waiting to meet in-person to innovate.

The future of work is here! Forward thinking, distributed companies use technology to collaborate as effectively as in-person teams.

Our remote design sprints provide your team an accessible innovation framework, without the scheduling conflicts and costly travel.

Remote facilitation services
Learn how we’ll prepare & lead your next remote sprint
Expected outcomes
  • Build trust & rapport across your global teams
  • Increase accessibility for busy stakeholders & customers
  • Improve efficiency over in-person collaboration
  • Eliminate costly travel planning & budgeting
  • Quicken overall time-to-market
What’s included
  • Industry-leading remote design sprint facilitator
  • All of our upgraded sprint frameworks & templates
  • We prepare your research, opportunity, & team
  • Team training of all cloud-based tools
  • Final synthesis of recommended next steps
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Additional perks
Through our exclusive partnership with MURAL
Your package also includes
  • 30-day complimentary access
  • 15% partner discountIf you choose to open a MURAL workspace
  • Industry-standard sprint templates
  • Access to MURAL Pro User Group
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