Product Innovation

Love the products you make
and how your team makes them.

Our design thinking consulting & coaching programs
provide the expertise, structure, and toolkit
that empowers product teams to trust and innovate together.

Product Sprint Program
A 4-week program to rally your team and deliver user-centered business innovation.
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Best for teams
that want to:
  • Create new business value
  • Establish a culture of innovation
  • Redefine how work happens
  • Transform team performance
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with the program:
  • Expert consulting & facilitation services
  • Materials, tools, and frameworks
  • Dedicated support and coaching
  • On-site & remote collaboration options
Product Sprint Program
Product Sprint Program
Design sprint // TRAINING
Train your team to rapidly prototype viable product ideas
using our enhanced version of Google’s innovation framework.

Benefit from our industry leading experience of facilitating 100+ design sprints
in this interactive, practical, and transformative training program.

Royce Lurie
Royce Lurie, Director of Product
Papa John’s
“We’ve always been told that accomplishing this much, this fast, was impossible. You guys proved it’s all entirely possible.”
Marie Burton
Mary Burton, Director of UX
“As I look back at our work together, I’m so inspired at what we accomplished. Our path forward is very exciting, thanks to the coaching and structure provided by New Haircut.”
Mathew Bacon
Mathew Bacon, VP of Product
Rosetta Stone
"With the expert product and UX discovery from New Haircut, we were able to identify an innovative digital opportunity in an entirely new market."
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