Design Sprint Training.

Learn what it takes to adopt and scale design sprints across your organization.

A design sprint is a rapid, highly structured innovation framework that's created big wins for the most ambitious teams.

Design Sprint // DEEP DIVE
Explore our industry leading design sprint training.
Designed for corporate teams excited to win & work together.
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In this 2-day interactive workshop, we'll start by unpacking the cultural transformation that's required for design sprints to be successful.

Next, you'll have a chance to practice preparing for sprints, including an intro to our highly regarded Problem Framing.

Finally, you’ll learn by doing, as you and your sprint team practice our enhanced version of design sprints.

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    What to expect
    • Gain methods you can integrate immediately
    • Practice upgrades we've discovered after 100+ sprints
    • Establish a culture of curiosity and empathy
    • Prepare effectively: intro to Problem Framing
    • Manage the 5 phases of a design sprint
    • Learn from real world scenarios to build context
    Design Sprint Training - What's Provided
    What’s provided
    • Templates & guides for all lessons
    • Take-home packets with workshop references
    • Certificates of completion
    • Access to our collection of sprint resources & tools
    • Opportunities for your team to co-facilitate
    • 30 and 90 day follow-up coaching calls
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    Brooke Creef
    Brooke Creef
    The Home Depot
    New Haircut trained our growing design sprint masters in a fun, interactive format that received exceptional reviews from everyone who attended!
    Shoon Browne
    Shoon Browne
    Forsman & Bodenfors
    We learned to accomplish innovative results in a couple days that would typically take us a lot of time talking about the work, instead of doing the work.
    Tim Bowden
    Tim Bowden
    Stand Together
    The learning from New Haircut's training has been really valuable to think how we can democratize innovation.
    Additional options
    Public Workshops
    Problem framing
    Learn the pre-sprint process we use to make sure we’re focused on important problems that are best fit for design sprints.
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    Inhouse Training
    Public workshops
    Courses for individuals excited to learn design sprints, problem framing, online design sprints, and roadmapping.
    Meetup Events
    Design sprint facilitation
    Instead of training, learn by doing! Hire us to facilitate a design sprints on your upcoming project.