Design Sprints.

A structured design thinking
framework that forever changes
how teams work & win, together.

Use design sprints to create better products, faster.

Love design sprints because of their human value of unlocking trust, creativity, and performance.

When to run a product design sprint?
When testing
entirely new products
Design Sprint App
When validating new features
on existing products
When improving existing
product experiences
Design sprints // UPGRADED
Since 2015 we’ve run over 100 design sprints.

We’ve mastered and refined them to be faster & more successful.
New Haircut Design Sprint 2.0 Process
Problem Framing

Problem Framing is a 1-day process we’ll run 1-2 weeks before your design sprint to answer 2 questions:

What is the problem we’re being asked to solve? Is it clear enough that everyone empathizes and understands it?

Why is the problem worth solving? What is the impact it will have on your company? What value will it produce for your users?


Problem Framing provides the research, context, and alignment that allow us to accomplish the Understand, Ideate, & Decide phases of a design sprint in a single day.

Understand: Build cross-functional trust and alignment around your most critical business challenges.

Ideate: Everyone on the team has an equal chance to contribute their solutions ideas.

Decide: The group avoids bias and influence while voting on the most promising idea.


In order to get genuine feedback on our solutions, we need to make the experience of using our product feel real.

End result: We extend our most voted solution into a complete storyboard. The storyboard is then evolved into a hi-fidelity prototype.


By deploying qualitative user testing of our prototype we learn directly from the users experiencing the problem we’re trying to solve.

End result: Rapid user insights provide us the team-wide learning, validation, and confidence of what our product experience should and should not offer.

Design sprint // FACILITATION
Bring us in to ensure you get the results you're hoping for.
New Haircut Design Sprints
What to expect
  • Ensure your team is ready to innovate together
  • Select business challenges that are strategic
  • Prioritize & frame problems worth solving
  • Prepare your research and your people
  • Organize & design your outcomes and next steps
  • Support for implementing & scaling the process
Innovation Programs
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Design sprints // HUMAN VALUE
Comparing the value experienced by your people
in traditional design methods vs. design sprints.
TraditionalDesign Sprints
PrioritizationManaged by a few, based on their biasInclusive and user-centered
CollaborationSiloed and guardedCo-creative and trustful
InnovationIncremental and safeDisruptive, exciting, viable
DesignOne person's jobA user-centered mindset
AccountabilitySlipping timelines and finger pointingCommitted to timelines and each other
PerformancePressure leads to outbursts and breakdownsAn aligned vision rallies the team to win together
PerspectiveProjects treated as workProjects treated as major opportunities
Design Sprints // TRAINING
Help your team learn & practice design sprints
together through one of our training programs.
Inhouse Training
Corporate training
Practical & transformative training for teams excited to win with design thinking.
Public Workshops
Public workshops
Perfect for individuals wanting to learn to run engaging and successful design sprints.