Design Sprint Workshop

Facilitate breakthrough ideas, solve business challenges, and validate products with customers

Feb 20-21, Helsinki

Organized by New Haircut


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Join New Haircut for an innovative problem-solving workshop on Design Sprints. You'll learn the tools & techniques of the same proven, structured framework that Google Ventures has used to design, prototype and validate solutions for Uber, Slack, Blue Bottle Coffee and more.

The workshop is fast-paced, hands-on, timeboxed, and immersive. We'll move from an initial product idea, to a hi-fidelity prototype we'll use to test on live customers. In 2 intensive days, you'll learn and apply creative ideation techniques like Lightning Demos, Sketching, User Story Mapping, Prototyping and Customer Interviews.

By the end of the workshop you'll have the right knowledge and process to drive hi-impact innovation inside your organization.


  • Product Owners
  • Startup Founders
  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Multidisciplinary Teams

*This workshop is for people of all skill levels, regardless of previous experience, who wish to further enhance their Product Development and UX skills knowledge.

Key Takeaways

Understand customer needs - outline and map their journey

Work within constraints to spark ideas & rally around the strengths of each member of your sprint team

Quickly sketch innovative solutions

Make critical decisions, fast

Create an effortless MVP

Validate concepts

Master the 5 phases of the Design Sprint

*This workshop is in English

Key Topics

Business Strategy (Goal Setting + Assumptions)

Customer Journey Map

Generating multiple solutions (the Lighting Demos & the 4-Step Sketch)

Storyboard & Decision-Making


Validate/invalidate solutions (conduct customer interviews)

We'll also share stories and lessons gleaned from sprints we've run at New Haircut,
along with the key findings we've collected in networking with other sprint teams --
inside startups as well as larger enterprises.


Mon 20

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Desing Sprint Overview
  • Icebreaking exercises
  • 10 min Break
  • Defining the problem
  • Journey Mapping
  • Lunch Break (1 hour)
  • Diverge Phase
  • 10 min Break
  • Sketch Solutions

Tue 21

  • Converge Phase
  • 10 min Break
  • Storyboards
  • Lunch Break (1 hour)
  • Prototype Creation
  • 10 min Break
  • Test Phase
  • Sprint Debrief
  • Integrating Design Sprints into Organizations
  • Workshop Retrospective

You'll also hear first-hand takeaways from sprints we have run and gained the opportunity to connect with fellow creatives, developers, entrepreneurs.


  • Healthy Snacks
  • Coffee, Tea & Sodas
  • Lunch


  • Bring your laptop or tablet
  • Get your notebook

New Haircut

Founded in 2009, New Haircut is a disruptive design & engineering firm that has pioneered the practice of design and code sprints across various startups and enterprises.

With offices in NY and Timisoara, the company specializes in building web and mobile applications, designing user-centered visual experiences and developing digital infrastructures for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Due to it's hands-on experience in helping entrepreneurs and early-stage companies validate ideas and launch successful, enterprise-grade products, the New Haircut team is excited to bring Design Sprints to Helsinki.

Design Sprint Workshop, New York


Design Sprint Workshop, Berlin


“New Haircut's Design Thinking workshop has been extremely valuable to Startup Institute's students! Overall the students rated the class extremely informative and useful w/ a rating of 4.73 out of 5! Prior to the session, I met w/ Jay and appreciated how much thought his team put into the session beforehand -- everything from the overall structure of how the workshop should be run, to making sure we had the proper materials available for the day, to incorporating the concepts into deliverables my students had to complete at the end of the program. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone interested in bringing design thinking and innovation into their organization. We're excited to have New Haircut as regular instructors at Startup Institute!”

Chi Nguyen, Program Manager @ StartupInstitute

“The New Haircut team gave us completely new insights into the diversity of design thinking approaches, following the same human-centered principles, and put EMPATHY first.”

Linda Gabel, Executive Communications @ University Alliances, SAP

“If you've read about design sprints on the internet before and think: "Sounds like a nice concept. I would like to try it out" but you don't really know what to do next. Come join this workshop! You'll participate in a real design sprint compressed to 2 days. You'll tackle a tricky problem together with wonderful people having different backgrounds. You'll hear valuable stories from founders who already ran design sprints. After the workshop, you'll have the knowledge, material and confidence to run your own first Design Sprint. I work in a startup myself and need to solve Problems in an environment of great uncertainty and change. The ability to find a solution, prototype it and get feedback within one design sprint saves a lot of time. Another great benefit is that the entire sprint team is involved in finding a solution which results in high motivation and output.”

Daniel Schwarzmüller, UI/UX Designer @ N26

“The design sprint workshop is enlightening, teaches how to apply new and everyday concepts into a design method that leads to fast, testable results.”

Laura Mulas, Creative Director @ Fintech Startup Zahl'Kult

“We are currently in the sketching phase of day 2 of our first Design Sprint. So far it’s been amazing, it’s working even better than I thought it would. I had people leaving after day one, saying they’ve come further in that day than in the previous month! Thanks a lot for your workshop and for the slide deck!”

Andrea Franke, Agile Coach @ N26


Within one week after the application you will receive a confirmation email only if you are admitted. To be officially registered as a participant, you must pay the enrollment fee. A maximum of 13 participants will be accepted.

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