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The New Haircut Startup Lab was founded in 2012. Over the past four years we’ve helped numerous startups build and launch their technology products within advertising, education, financial services, fitness, food, healthcare, HR, and retail.

Our team is made of lean product strategists, creatives, and engineers. This team of experts uses only the most battle-tested, agile processes -- so when it comes to your features and products, we’ll be thinking in terms of days and weeks, instead of months and years. Our rule is, no MVP should take longer than 10 weeks to launch.

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What the Lab Builds

All of the products built within New Haircut’s Startup Lab are enterprise-grade from day one. That means, when your business is ready to scale, your products will be too -- no templates, no clunky frameworks, no expensive rewrites.

  • Responsive Web Platforms
  • Native Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)

Startup Lab Packages

The Startup Lab offers 3 packages for early stage companies. Each package produces only the most critical deliverables, based on your company’s immediate needs and budget.

Roadmap Package

The Roadmap package establishes a winning direction for your business and product, while focusing on the most impactful goals.

  • 1 Product Manager
  • Goals and objectives defined
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Product Roadmap
  • Completed in 2 days

Foundation Package

The Foundation package quickly produces a prototype containing the most important ideas in your Product Roadmap, for your customers to validate.

  • Includes Roadmap Package
  • Product Owner, CTO, UX Designer, Researcher
  • Customer tested prototype
  • MVP budgets + timelines
  • Completed in 2 weeks

MVP Package

The MVP package is where every startup wants to be -- having your customer-centric, well-oiled MVP + supporting marketing website launched to market, ready for growth.

  • Includes Foundation Package
  • Product development team
  • Enterprise-grade MVP
  • Marketing website
  • Completed in 10 weeks

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