Jay and John met in 2008. Jay hired John's shop in Timisoara to build a web platform for his NJ-based eCommerce business. The craftsmanship, passion, and creativity John's team took to build the platform blew Jay away. Jay had spent his entire technology career writing off outsourced development because of vendors that were not to be trusted, blew project budgets, and couldn't hit a milestone to save their lives. But on Jay's first venture as an entrepreneur, John shattered all of those stereotypes. Within the year, Jay closed the doors on his eCommerce business in order to double down on his joint venture with John: New Haircut.

Jay and John couldn't be any more grateful for the company New Haircut has become. We've helped dozens of startups and Fortune 500s. We're excited to do the same for you..

We're Always Hiring

Sometimes we also hire people and create jobs for them just because they inspire us.

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